Now, a ‘Mango’ named after this famous Politician!

India is one of the largest exporters of Mango in the world. The production of the ‘King of Fruits’ is about 15.03 million tons annually as India contributes to 40.48% of the total global production of the fruit. Uttar Pradesh, the largest state of our country is also one of the principal producers of Mango and it is none other than the newly elected Chief Minister of this state, Adityanath Yogi who has got a variety of Mango named after him.


As the temperatures are soaring high in our tropical country, the sellers are coming up with deliberate marketing strategies. This particular mango seller in Lucknow, however, has adopted a rather amusing and bold marketing technique as he names one of his mango species after the Chief Minister of his state, Adityanath Yogi. It is not the first time when this particular seller has named a Mango after a renowned personality. Earlier, it was Sachin Tendulkar, Aishwarya Rai, Honourable PM Modi and now it is the much talked about UP CM. He has created a ‘Yogi mango’ in one of his orchards. This step can also be considered as a desperate marketing strategy since the people across India now look forward to purchasing and relishing the much demanded fruit.


The UP CM has been in light since the inception of his post whether it is for the controversial Beef ban, his stand against Triple Talaq and so on. Also, in April this year, just a few weeks after his swearing in, the much popular UP CM also had a haircut named after hi. It was a school in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh again, which made it compulsory for all the boys to trim their hair short like Aditynath and termed it as ‘Yogi Haircut‘.  There were also protests around the school as some parents also wanted the students to not eat non – vegetarian food in the premises.

Though these ideas by the people of UP may sound funny at first, they however, show the wide spectrum of popularity of the UP CM Yogi Adityanath after BJP swept off the state assembly elections in UP. Hence, the ‘Yogi effect’ seems to be quite evident- from ‘Mangoes’ to ‘Haircuts’ and more as the ‘King of fruits’ gets named after the current ‘King of UP’. Creativity at its amusing best!