By Naina Sharma

The much controversial GST just rolled out, and besides being happy or sad, it has left most of us and even the opposition (INC) confused. Other than the tax rate, the question pestering our minds is whether we’ll end up saving or splurging. While spending and then worrying about the expenses is a never ending process, no matter how happy or sad the GST turns out to be, knowing the right ways to save does the trick.
I have come up with a few interesting day to day techniques which will please your wallet !
Let’s have a look at few.

1. Pick up a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables: This will indirectly keep you away from visiting restaurants which will not only save you from earning those extra calories but also from paying those heavy bills.

2. Have house parties instead: Let’s admit it. Tax is tax! Whether it’s 30% or 18%. Partying outside the house not only leaves you compelled to order food and beverages on high price but you are also forced to pay those extra bucks.
All you can do instead is prepare TAX-FREE snacks at home, served with the affection of homeliness and tossed with sense of a love. Eventually, you end up earning brownie points amongst your friends/relatives and a few more coins in your clutch.

3. Quit Smoking: One cigarette on an average (of all brands) costs Rs. 12 as per an approximation. An average smoker smokes 4-5cigarettes per day which makes it a total of Rs. 48 or 60 per day ! If we were to equate this figure with a month, 50*30=Rs. 1500. An average smoker spends Rs. 1500 on smoking alone whereas for a chain smoker this figure might be ten times and may mount to Rs. 15000 (which generally is the salary of a huge range of workers). Spending so much on smoking -something which causes deterioration of mental and physical health, being concurrently least productive is an act of utter foolishness.
However, if you plan on quitting  those smoky tabacoo sticks, you can end up SAVEing this money too and probably pamper yourself with a weekend spa or road trip.

4. Refrain from using those shopping apps: Let’s face it, those lucrative offers from the shopping apps installed in your phone are way more addictive than anything else on the planet. The way these apps trap you with a flat 60% or Buy 2, Get 1 Free scheme, ends up making you spend more than you would have usually done. A few of my friends spend Rs. 20,000 per month on shopping online- mostly because it’s instant and convenient. So, everyone out there, especially women, if you feel you are gradually losing on your savings and turning into an online shopaholic, stop for a while, introspect the orders of the last few months and try giving up on those apps for a while, you wouldn’t lose much on fashion. Trust me!

5. Pool in while you travel: Petrol and Diesel prices keep juggling every now and then but one thing which can help you is- opting for the greener way. 2 things you can’t deny are the fact that your environment needs less petrol in the air and you need more money in your hand. So, what better way to kill two birds with one stone?


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